Download Top 10 best Free Movie App for Android

Do you love watching movies ? are you searching for new movies all the time ?

Do you like to watch movies even on your android phone or tablet ?!

Then you should read through this post and find the best free movies app for android to stream your favorite movies on your own android device.


In this post i will list the best movie apps for android that will provide you with the best movie watching experience, watching movies is one of the most amazing thing you can spend your spare time in, it can kill any Borden feeling and set you in totally different mode. Whatever the type of movies you like to watch wither it is comedy, drama,action or thriller watching a movie will get you out of your bad mood and set a new mood in your mind. Enough about watching movies facts and lets get to the actual goal of this post. If you like to watch movies on your PC or MAC you can check also BEST FREE WEBSITES TO WATCH HD MOVIES ONLINE 2017

Top Best Movies apps to Watch free movies on your android

#1 Showbox Movie APP showbox_icon

Showbox App is the most famous movie app on the android platform, it is a free movie and TV shows streaming app. The application is by many users as one of the top best movie apps on android as it allow them to watch free HD movies.showbox


The application has very cool features that you can benefit from like:

  • Downloading the movies beside watching it online.
  • Choose the movie quality you want depend on your connection speed
  • Stream from the app to chrome cast
  • Support PC version, you can download windows version from the app

This app is a must for any movie lover android user. Showbox is not available on google play store due to movies copy rights but you can easly download the app from its developer site

#2 Tubi TV APP

tubi tv

Tubi TV is a movie streaming platform that is founded in 2014 and is one of the best movie app on the android play store it got over 4 out of 5 rating in the store. you can watch free movies and TV shows on this application and they have a huge list of movies and TV shows, over 4000 title and growing their library will take a lot of time from you to choose your next movie title. searching for movies in the app is very easy and they have nice categorization.

#3 Crackle APP

crackle android movie app

Crackle movie app is also one of the best apps for movies on the play store, while it does not allow you to download movies on your device but still you can find a huge library of nice movies on this android movie app. The application will provide you with seamless user experience in navigation and watching functionality.

#3 Hubi APP


Hubi app is a great streaming Movie app for downloading and watching online movies for free. The app can extract a download link of any video you are watching online. It gives you a very cool option to download movies for your offline times so it helps you to create your offline library.

#4 Viewster


Viewster is a very popular free streaming movie app that is dedicated to movies and TV show fans. This app is very popular among European users. The app has a big list of anime movies, if you are one of the anime movies fans then this app is definitely your right choice as it contains 20000+ anime titles. Viewster offers high-quality videos for free without any registration. For people who loves to watch documentaries, it’s also a perfect place.

#5 Popcorn Flix


Popocorn Flix offer big number of HD movies for free, you can choose from different genres available on the application and you don’t need to register for account to start stream movies. Popcorn Flix also offer two diffrent apps one for adults and the other for kids, the kids version only list kids movies, this feature allow you to safely leave this app on your kids android device without worrying about the maturity level of the movies. You can download Popcorn Flix from play store for free.

#6 Hotstar


Hotstar is an indian movie streaming app that is created to bring on demand entertainment service to Indian users as Netflix. You can choose one of the streaming plans to subscribe to and start stream most popular movies and TV shows. This plans is not for free but still you can choose free plan to enjoy streaming movies for free.


#7 Movie Box


This app is one of the best free movie android app which lets you watch movies, TV shows for free without the registration. This kind of app allows downloading of content with different promises along with streaming. Movie box provides high-quality content that is updated regularly. Most content is arranged in genre a good idea to make app more user-friendly.

#8 PopCornTime


This is the app of the famous watch online movies website Pop Corn Time , it has all the latest new movies in HD quality. the application interface is very nice and organized in a neat easy way that make your watching experience very pleasant. if you are really into watching movies this app must be on your android app arsenal.


#9 Megabox HD

Megabox HD is well known for its new updated content. Megabox HD allows users to stream and download movies for free. This app is available for only Android mobiles and tablets only. Megabox HD currently has 60000+ title of the different genre.

#10 BigStar Movies

BigStar Movies consist of award-winning independent movies, foreign films, documentaries. If you looking for Hollywood movies this App isn’t for you. If you love alternatives to the typical Hollywood then move forward and download this App now.



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