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What is torrents and BitTorrent protocol?

The meaning of torrents in language is “a strong moving stream of water or liquid” which reflect the technical meaning of the Bit torrent protocol.

Bittorrent protocol is peer to peer file sharing network that allow (users) peers to share files and media directly between each other’s through a Tracker server which manage and hold the file distribution information.

The Bit torrent system is mainly work by swarming and tracking approach which means files or media to be downloaded will be split into hundreds of small bits, and users download those small bits from many different source (other users having the same file ) the system consist of 3 main elements as follows :

  • Torrent file: text file with .torrent extension, this is the metadata file that contains the information of the downloaded media and point to the tracker server that manage this media file.
  • Tracker server:  application server that track torrent files information and assist peers (users) to find each other’s, tracker is essential part of the bit torrent networks
  • Torrent Client Application: this is the client application that is used by the users to upload and download the many bits of the shared files , it also responsible for combining the sliced files
  • Torrent search engine or sites: this is website that list all available torrents files for games and applications that are shared on the network.

So how can you download files using Bit-torrent ?

All you need to download games, software or media files with torrents is a torrent client application like uTorrent or Bittorrent client and torrent search engine site that list the shared files available online.

What is the best Torrent client software ?

List of the best and fastest Torrent Client application:

While there are many of Torrents client software out there we will make this section short to point you to the most important torrent client without going through the whole list of clients applications.

1. UTorrent


This is an old Torrent client that was interduced in 2005 and one of the most used torrent client software around the world. The client application is easy to use and have elegant simple user interface. The only downside in this application is the Ads that work inside the client application and the sponsored software that bundled with the setup package but still this issue is not affecting the popularity of this nice torrent client.

2. Transmission


Best of Torrent clients that work on Mac , it is remarkably fast and lightweight also this client is not adware or bundle any additional toolbars or software it depends on donations only.

3. qBitTorrent

One if the most reliable and balanced Torrrent client software that balance between features, speed and simplicity. It include integrated torrent search engine inside the client and also provide other important features like media player, IP filtering and torrent creation. qBitTorrent is one of the clients that you must try.




After you choose your favorite torrent client application, you  need a torrent website which is the search engine for shared files and media on the internet. There are many Torrent websites on the internet but lately most of the popular torrent websites are under legal prosecution and hosting providers in US and EU are not allowing such type of websites to be hosted on their data centers.

Best torrents websites that still live

  1. : one of the largest torrents search engine that host all you could need from PC games, Xbox games, Movies, and Software
  2. : Yiffy team is the most famous group specialized in movies downloads with the best high quality and smaller file size, if you are looking for movies to download then Yiffy website must be your heading.
  3. : one of the very old names in the torrent domain , pirate bay have file type from games, software, movies and books, lately they are changing their domain extension every couple of months.
  4. : New site that have elegant smart user interface and provide new sources of movies and other files
  5. : one of the best aggregation torrent sites that will speed up your searching journey for your files

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