Best Free VPN Applications For All Devices


Before we list the best VPN applications and services let’s first describe what is VPN and why we need to use a VPN application. VPN stands for virtual private network which is a technology that create and establish a secure and encrypted connection over a less secure network like the internet. It was originally developed to allow organizations remote users and branch offices to access the corporate internal network and applications securely. Data sent from remote users to the corporate networks and application through secure encrypted tunnel.

So in the past VPN was only used in the corporates and organizations to connect its branches and remote users, but now after the awareness of the personal security concerns and the wide range of security attacks on individuals personal data, the need for a secure connection has been raised and individuals started to search for a ways to secure their connections. A lot of public free and paid VPN applications and services are now available to provide individuals with good and secure VPN services, we will cover the best free VPN services in this post that you can use to secure your connection for free.
First let’s simplify the concept of the VPN, What is VPN mean for a normal home user?
To put it simple, Image the VPN is another computer or network you connect to it through an encrypted secure connection using a client application. After you connect to this network or computer you will send your browsing requests and communications from there. The below figure show you simply how is your connection looks like with the VPN apps

How VPN Apps work

Your Connection using VPN Application. Photo from

Why do you need a VPN ? and what you can do with VPN connection ?

From the previous introduction about VPN we can summarize the benefit of VPN to individual home users into two technical results:

  • Hide and encrypt your online activities, data and signals, making your data and activities going between you and the VPN service unreadable to man in the middle or any eavesdroppers
  • Surf the internet from a different location with different IP address than your actuals

So this was the main technical benefits, but still what is actual benefits of these?

Reasons to Use VPN service or application:

  1. Access Full Streaming content like Netflix and other streaming services that are not allowed in your home country or your current location
  2. Download pirated files and content that is blocked or monitored by your ISP
  3. Use public or hotel WIFI connection securely
  4. Bypass school or work network internet surfing rules that may block certain websites like Facebook or YouTube
  5. Bypass ISP and country internet rules that may block certain websites and content
    Find search engine results from different location than your current location


Now we have the basic foundation about what is a VPN connection and why you should use one, now lets list the best available VPN applications and service for free.

Best Free VPN Applications for Windows:

RankVPN ApplicationRatingFree Plan LimitsLink
1TunnelBear5 out of 5500 MB Cap
2hide.me5 out of 52 GB Cap
3CyberGhost5 out of 5Advertisement
4SurfEasy4 out of 52 GB
5hidemyass4 out of 5




TunnelBear is one of the best VPN application out there, many people use and enjoy TunnelBear for free reliable VPN connection. one of the best thing about TunnelBear is that they don’t keep logs about users activities, which make TunnelBear VPN the right choice for secure internet browsing and surfing. Another advantage of TunnelBear is that they allow free users to choose the VPN server location so you can select the country you want your IP appear from. the free plan of TunnelBear only allow user with 500 MB of data usage per month which will only allow you to use it for surfing the web.


TunnelBear Pros & Cons


  • Easy to sue design
  • Work with all platforms and OS
  • Good encryption
  • Great for beginners


  • Doesn’t support P2P
  • Free plan allow only 500MB

hideme VPN Free is a popular VPN provider from Malaysia, they offer a reliable free and paid VPN connection, the free plan allow you to choose from 22 VPN server in different locations worldwide. you will have very good connection speed and 2 GB data limit per month which is very good limit for free plan. you can secure your internet connection or unlock blocked websites with VPN connection pretty easy. Pros and Cons


  • Solid Encryption
  • 22 Different Servers locations
  • No Logs
  • You can pay for paid plan with Bitcoin
  • Have a good customer support service


  • Free plan is limited with 2 GB per month


CyberGhost Free VPN


CyberGhost is one of the best VPN service that provide you with free VPN plan with unlimited bandwidth, its desktop application is very easy to setup and will set you ready within minutes. With strong security and encryption algorithms, CyberGhost allow you to surf the web safely and with good speed. with all the previous benefits and features  CyberGhost Free VPN still have some drawbacks, free plan will show you ads from time to time, also there are few servers available for you to connect, therefor at peak time you may wait for some queue until you can connect.

CyberGhost Pros & Cons:


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • High Speed
  • Support iOS and Android


  • Advertisement
  • Limited servers and locations

SurfEasy Free VPN


SurfEasy is owned and operated by Opera, SurfEasy is located and operating in Canada, and provide easy to use VPN service and application. the application provide solid encryption and protection. The speed SurfEasy provide is very nice but it only allow for 2GB download limit for the free plan. You can get more than that limit by sharing and recommending the service to other users.

SurfEasy Pros & Cons:


  • Easy setup and use
  • Diffrent servers locations worldwide
  • High speed
  • Support P2P traffic


  • They keep some sort of logging
  • Free plan capped with 2 GB limit


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